The Champions League’s Biggest Bad Boys !


1. (18 yellow cards) – No surprises that Chelsea’s captain makes it into this list, but John Terry’s 18 bookings is a drop in the ocean compared to some other Champions League sinners.

2. (18 yellow cards) – Patrick Vieira’s enforcer style didn’t endear him to referees, and inevitably led to the French World Cup-winner regularly having his name taken.

3. (18 yellow cards) – You don’t become known as ‘The Pitbull’ by being nice. Edgar Davids‘ bark and bite incited conflict, and his four Champions League red cards is itself a record.

4. (19 yellow cards) – The picture says a thousand words. Winger on the ground, defender pleading and referee punishing. Dani Alves has been involved in a few of these.

5. (19 yellow cards) – Roberto Carlos scored his fair share of free kicks, and he also gave plenty away.

6. (19 yellow cards) – Patrice Evra was never slow into the tackle and as a result has often been quick into the book.

7. (19 yellow cards) – Alessandro Nesta looks resigned to his fate as one of his 19 Champions League yellow cards gets issued.

8. (19 yellow cards) – Michael Ballack receives a caution for questioning some of Tom Henning Ovrebo’s decisions in the 2009 Champions League semi-final second leg between Chelsea and Barcelona.

9. (20 yellow cards) – Massimo Ambrosini was the midfield muscle in Milan’s 2003 and 2007 Champions League-winning sides, and such roles are rarely blemish free.

10. (20 yellow cards) – Jorge Costa was Jose Mourinho’s on-field commander when Porto won the Champions League in 2004. Here he sizes up Marseille’s Didier Drogba.

11. (20 yellow cards) – Martin Demichelis has played Champions League football for three different clubs and trouble seems to have followed him around.

12. (20 yellow cards) – Andre Ooijer only ever made 37 Champions League appearances, but that didn’t stop him racking up 20 bookings.

13. 20 yellow cards) – David Albelda’s commitment to the Valencia cause came with the consequences of a lengthy charge sheet.

14. (22 yellow cards) – Mark van Bommel’s relationship with officials was not always so cordial. The Dutchman picked up 22 Champions League yellow cards and two reds whilst playing for PSV, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Milan.

15. (23 yellow cards) – Luis Figo’s brilliance brought some rough justice, but the Portuguese winger also dished it out.

16. (23 yellow cards) – Coming from a long stock of no-nonsense Argentine defenders, Walter Samuel left a string of victims throughout his Champions League career.

17. (23 yellow cards) – Alessio Tacchinardi played in a successful Juventus side who mixed fire and flair, with the Italian midfielder usually responsible for the former.

18. (23 yellow cards) – Sergio Ramos ’s colourful disciplinary record resulted in the Real Madrid man so far collecting 23 yellows and three reds during an eventful Champions League career.

19. (25 yellow cards) – Carles Puyol has made well over 100 Champions League appearances and won the competition three times, so regular brushes with the law are to be expected.

20. (26 yellow cards) – Xabi Alonso isn’t known for being one of football’s hatchet man, but a total of 26 yellow cards portrays another side to the Spaniard’s good guy image.

21. (28 yellow cards) – No stranger to some of the games darker arts, Gennaro Gattuso cements a second-place finish with a total of 28 bookings.

22. (32 yellow cards) – Paul Scholes ’s inability to tackle became a running joke throughout his career, but it was no laughing matter for those he left his mark on. The Manchester United midfielder’s 32 yellow cards and two reds puts him top of our bad boys gallery.

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